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I'm a new member here, so I thought I'd share my own Caprica Six costume photos.
I have others of the classic Six dress that I made the year before, and I'll share those soon as well.
The following are from last year's BayCon; a sci fi convention held in California's Bay area.
This is my replica of the alternate red Caprica Six dress worn in "Pegasus" (Season 2, Episode 10).
I didn't work off of any pattern, but simply draped it on my dress form, using pictures of the actual dress as a guide.
The whole thing ended up being really easy to make, compared to the many pieces involved in the classic red Six dress I made last year.
I couldn't find a stretch silk charmeuse in the right red, so I went with a synthetic version. Still quite nice to work with, and the only futzing I did, was with the gathers at the center front where the brooch is pinned. It's a just a big cowl neckline, and it was hard to get it to not look too bulky.
Definitely making this one out of silk if I find some in the right color, for next time.
The original costume from the series:

Hopefully, I can find some better photos, but these will have to do for now.
My hair is my own ;-) Naturally blonde already, I added a toner to cool it off to an even brighter platinum blonde. I did cut it though :-( and it's just now beginning to get back to it's original length. While I really needed the trim, and it looked even shorter styled for the character, I missed my long hair. I think this year I might try to track down a wig or hairpiece I can use for the shorter style.

And yes, in case anyone is wondering how I wore this without uh...giving a peep-show, Double-sided "fashion" tape (better known as toupee tape) is a girls best friend ;-)
Enjoy the photos!
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dmann11 [userpic]

Here is a repost, from my own LJ, of the entries i made while making a set of Colonial BDU's

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Sir Garrett of Devonshire [userpic]

So I'm back to work on another run at making duty blues. My last run was originally for myself for last summer's D*Con and I think as a junior costumer I didn't do too bad. I wore them to work for Halloween and got lots of compliments... and a few "is that a band uniform?".

So my question is this: How do you manage the lay over of the chest? I've been going over images and I'm struggling to find something consistant, though I'm also struggling a bit with the collar as well so I'm wondering if they're related. I've seen that some have the collar closed perfectly tightly and some have up to an inch gap at the front.

But the on the cross over I'm wondering how far the cross should be, meaning where do I put the buttons? I'm leaning towards using the nipple line as where the edge of the fold over front should line up. I think on my last run I over shot, but I also don't want to do what I saw at D*con on a few and only have like an inch of fold over.

What did you use? What do you think?

azrael556 [userpic]

Since I haven't found the gray knockoffs that the BSG costume department used, and since I have a zillion sets of them, I am working on a project modifying one of my older sets of Army digital camo uniforms to the Colonial style. I'm removing the velcro from the sleeve pocket flaps, getting the IR tape off, removing the velcro for the chest nametapes, etc. I might have to dye them a little bit. It should work well to simulate a more well-worn set that a working Colonial Marine would have than the fresh-off-the-supply-room, out-of-the-back-of-the-wall-locker look that Commander Adama had on the Kobol landing.

I have several extra sets in different sizes if anyone wants to try something similar.

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Who me? [userpic]

Hey guys, totaly n00b here...

I was wondering if there was somewhere online where i could get the pilot tank tops/number 6's bracelet??

pyropyga [userpic]

Overlay jacket the second
Originally uploaded by pyropyga
I'd love to hear what thoughts the community has on this approach. Crossposted from my own LJ. Advice solicited. What you've got here is a little photoshoppery where I'm trying to locate the landmarks of the service blue uniform onto the nearest real world garment match: a chef's coat. I'm the washed out dude in the background layer wearing the coat, and on top of me layered at 50%, is EJO in his service blue costume. I've matched shoulder widths, and marked the buttons, rank and flight qual devices, and crudely marked the buttons. So the idea being I'll derive the necessary changes to the pattern of the chef's coat, tear it down, trace it out, incorporate the alterations, and get the basis of my BSG jacket costume from it.

bdc217 [userpic]

My friend Jacob and I finished the costume for our BSG Fan-Film tonight. It mostly takes place on New Caprica and the costume below is for a Colonial Scout Officer looking for information on the planet.

Whatcha all think?

Luna [userpic]

Toaster is a racist term. But these are cute anyways. :tongue:

Sterling silver earring backs, with tiny toasters (complete with bread slice!) suspended from a delicate looped chain.

$12 a pair, to celebrate the Human Cylon models. :)

These are on the heavy side as far as earrings go, but they weren't uncomfortable to wear running around all night at Dragon*Con. :)

If you would prefer a necklace or keychain, I can accept custom orders. :) I can add beads in any colour/size you desire to the chains, as I also bead. :) Just add $1 and let me know what you would like to pretty the toasters up with.

Positive feedback on eBay and MUA as Lunakitty. Paypal preferred (CC and non-CC are both fine). My verified Paypal account is Lunakitty (at) seven12 (dot) net - I will accept extremely well concealed cash at your own risk. Checks are fine as long as you don't mind waiting for them to clear.

I will ship however you prefer, but I recommend methods that include insurance and a tracking number. Any other way is at your own risk, but I understand the desire to keep S&H costs down. I ship anywhere in the world, so long as you pay the extra S&H costs! I will bubblewrap the bejeezus out of everything and pack the precious securely. ;)

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Kris [userpic]

Battlestar Galactica fans (old and new)!! My group is throwing a frakking party at the Hyatt this year, under the good graces of the American Sci-Fi Track and we'd like you to come and have a good time! Follow this link to find out everything you could possibly want about the event:

The Colonial Party at D*C '07!

Come dressed up in your colonial best because we'll be having a good old-fashioned costume contest, amongst other wacky activities! Building upon the success of last year's party (organized by different folks), we're looking to add some more things to do and meet more awesome frakkers this year. Looking forward to September!!!

On a related note, we're marching in the parade and you're welcome to join us. Here's the sign up list.

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