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February 2011
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Who me? [userpic]

Hey guys, totaly n00b here...

I was wondering if there was somewhere online where i could get the pilot tank tops/number 6's bracelet??


Don't suppose you looked at any previous entries - the very last one today features this bracelet.

from what i read in the entry, she got it in a small jewelry store in vancouver. i was hoping for a place online since i don't live in vancouver

Maybe you could get their number and mail order it, or find out their supplier. I'd say it's a freak shot that you know one person who found it, so exploit that chance!

Haha, I love how you managed to conveniently incorporate her boob in there.


For the tops, I found sleeveless tees at both Target and Kmart. The ones at Target are darker gray, they are both in the mens department. The other is a black racer back tank top that is worn backwards over the gray tee with the racer in the front. Depending on your size, I found some at Kmart in the juniors dept. If you need big guy size, I went on line and bought a XX large big womans tank. I think I got it off of www.dorothylee.com. My hubby has a 46 inch chest and it was perfect for him. Just remember if you buy off line that you get one that doesn't have the built in bra :-) So dark gray sleeveless tee and black racer.

6 Bracelet

We can design you something like this. www.kkpacific.com

May the gods be with You,
Kana & Kala