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February 2011
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Sir Garrett of Devonshire [userpic]
Duty Blue Cross Over

So I'm back to work on another run at making duty blues. My last run was originally for myself for last summer's D*Con and I think as a junior costumer I didn't do too bad. I wore them to work for Halloween and got lots of compliments... and a few "is that a band uniform?".

So my question is this: How do you manage the lay over of the chest? I've been going over images and I'm struggling to find something consistant, though I'm also struggling a bit with the collar as well so I'm wondering if they're related. I've seen that some have the collar closed perfectly tightly and some have up to an inch gap at the front.

But the on the cross over I'm wondering how far the cross should be, meaning where do I put the buttons? I'm leaning towards using the nipple line as where the edge of the fold over front should line up. I think on my last run I over shot, but I also don't want to do what I saw at D*con on a few and only have like an inch of fold over.

What did you use? What do you think?


I always thought for a pattern, a chef's jacket would come pretty close to that shape.