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February 2011
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dmann11 [userpic]
My journey with Colonial Fatigues

Here is a repost, from my own LJ, of the entries i made while making a set of Colonial BDU's

Day 1

After many years being taught, here and there, when i wanted to make stuff, how to build using cloth and fabric, (sewing isn't manly, building stuff with cloth sounds better), I am about to embark on my first solo build. It's pretty easy and people like cleo  and windelina  would probably knock this project out in about zero time flat, but, I aint them, and I trust both of you, along with my sister and any other experienced sewers out there, are gracious enough in your skills to not point and laugh.

I will be taking a basic set of OD BDU's, simlar to these, only not worn by a skinny black model

And, in order, removing a couple pockets, possibly removing the adjustment tabs on the cuffs, adding green straps and buckles to the upper pockets and cuffs, Suede patches on the shoulders, Patches and pips, and probably fabricating something that will pass as dogtags. I also will need to hem my pants (those of you out there of the shoter leggedness know the curse of hemming pants, nothing fits off the rack)

Then i should have something like this:

(I'd actually outrank him, according to the pips i ordered...why not make myself an officer?

IF i have time, i'll be fixing the pants, making the beltloops according to canon, and finding an appropriate belt.... but theres priorities. The blouse is the important part. I have the appropriate undershirt combo, so then i should be good to go.

Day 2

Here's what I have done so far...

Took This:

Spent some time with the seam ripper... only a few blunders, minor ones, makes it look well worn.


Now, the tricky part, Adding those straps and buckles to the pockets

It has those goofy military expand-o pockets, so it was a wee bit difficult, had to rip the seam a little, and thread the strap in, re sew the seam closed, get the buckles even...

Not bad for before lunch, eh?

I'm bloody starving now.

After lunch, I will either start on the shoulder suede, or the cuffs....

Day 3

Ok! Things are wearable!!!

As you see, the patches and pips are on the shirt, lookin spiffy!

Pants.... well, all they really needed was a hem, and theyre ready to go...

I have the parts for one of those nylon web belts with the fastex fastener coming, i couldnt find the 1.5 inch webbing here in town, so Sammy is gonna send it from NYC. That's when i will mess with the belt loops. Galactica Pants have 3 big ass belt loops, 2 on the front, 1 on the back, but i want to get the hardware for the belt first so i can be sure i can thread the damn thing before i do anything with that.

That said, i COULD wear the thing to CONvergence as is.

I am running down some dogtags. The character ones are probably what im gonna end up with, because they're cheaper, and I have zip for tools to fabricate my own.

Now... a couple more pics of how Dashing i look!

Lt. Dmann reporting for duty!

The following weekend, which DIDNT get blogged, i indeed got the big ass galactica beltloops, and all the other details, including a set of Tyrol dogtags to wear

I am at the con now, so....I'll have pics of it in use soon


Nice job . . . you know, building.

Cool beans!

Nice job. *clapclap*


Where did you find the shirts?